Best Way Wireless is a family company with a strong history in the communication industry. Dave Siggelkow Sr. began his passion for heights in 1942 in Weyburn, SK. No job or tower was too big or too high for him. He built a lift to carry people up the centre of the then largest tower in Western Canada, The base of this 1000 ft. tower pictured below is on display at the Cablenet building in Weyburn, SK. He was well known for the small plane that he used to fly and land in the tower sites.

It was truly a family affair. He taught his children the industry from a very young age, as they all worked with him. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Siggelkow family camperized Regina city bus with his family going site to site to service towers with his ‘crew.’ In his day, safety restrictions were less rigid, as noted in some of the pictures shown below. He was never happier than when he was climbing.

In particular, he passed that passion on to his son Dave Siggelkow Jr. Dave Jr. had the great privilege of learning alongside his father, and has been in the telecommunications industry for over 40 years. He is a Journeyman electrician, an electronics technician and a National Construction Safety Officer. He also has extensive experience working with irrigation pivots and worked on wind turbines for 6 years. He enjoys working alongside his family, passing on his passion for telecommunications by training and apprenticing the next generation.